Cottereaux, Company of the Dagger is a Queensland based re-enactment group portraying 12th-century mercenary company specialising in siege warfare. 

Cottereaux currently owns and operates, two medium size counter weight trebuchet, a traction trebuchet, a large counter wieght trebuchet (as seen at Abbey Medieval Festival 2017), a battering ram, sapping penthouse, onager and a siege ladder. Cotteraux also has a medieval crane which helps erect the largest trebuchet in the southern hemisphere. Plans are underway to construct a siege tower. 


Of course, these machines don't operate by themselves. Within the Cottereaux we have siege engineers, Church warriors and ladies from the Order of Santiago, knights, Lords and Ladies, men at arms and camp followers. Come and be part of the journey. Be part of Cottereaux, Company of the Dagger.


10 - 11 



Abbey Medieval Festival -Caboolture

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